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Blocks of Life—The Book!

Blocks of LifeI am please and excited to announce the publication of the new Blocks of Life Book! Get all the BOL goodness in one place plus additional insights about how to create a happy, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

You can find the book on Amazon (just click on the link!).

The desire to lead a wonderful life is a universal human trait—just consider the many self-help books promising to reveal the one “true secret” of happiness and success, based on the author’s personal experience.

Such books miss a vitally important point: what brings one person fulfillment may bring another person stress. Each person takes a different route to a meaningful life—there is no single path.

Blocks of Life accepts this truth and builds on it. Every life is made up from a set of building blocks—family, love, financial security, hobbies, passions, and career. Some people identify with a single block, whether it be work, family, or personal interests. Most have a group of blocks that make up the most important aspects of their life.

Discover which blocks of life are most important to you, and take active control of your own life. Experimenting with different life blocks and their relationship to each other allows you to create meaningful, rewarding life patterns you control.

Become the architect of your own life. Start building with life blocks. Because good lives don’t just happen. They’re built block by block.

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