Blocks of Life books are collections of blog posts and poetry (coming soon), for those who like to hold a book in their hands, take notes, or dog-ear pages. The collections follow different themes driven by the direction of the blog over time. I hope you enjoy them.


Life Tides: Understanding Your Ebb and Flow (Vol 4)Life Tides: Understanding Your Ebb and Flow (BOL Vol 4)

Many elements of our lives are cyclical. They ebb and they flow. This can make them feel inconsistent, but in this context, “inconsistent” is just another word for “changing,” and change is good. We will have periods when everything goes our way and periods when nothing seems to go right at all. This is natural and normal. Rather than always waiting for the highs and bemoaning the lows, we need to expect and learn from the lows and fully experience and be grateful for the highs.There is always something beautiful, meaningful, and important in our lives, even



Volume 3: Embracing Change

We all experience change in our lives. Some changes we look forward to and are a natural part of life, such as getting a job, making friends, having a family, and watching our kids grow up. Certain changes are generally thought of as positive—we view them as change for the better. Some changes in our lives have negative effects, such as death and disease. Some changes are in our control, and some changes just happen. Some are considered positive, while others can only be thought of as negative. But the fact remains: Our lives are constantly changing—that we cannot change. The world is changing. Society is changing. Individual people are changing. You are changing. You’re changing right now. Blocks of Life Volume 3: Embracing Change explores these changes and how we can not only survive, but thrive in the face of change. It examines the kinds of changes we might face and those we might choose in an intentional meaningful way.

Volume 2: Know Yourself

Volume 2 focuses the importance of getting to know yourself better. It explores how we define ourselves, how we interact with the people around us, our perspectives and outlook, and our personal qualities and strengths. If you can truly get to know yourself, you will be much more able to incorporate that knowledge into the way you live, work, and develop relationships. To create the life you want, you must first know what makes you happy, what gives your life meaning, and who you are at the core. This book explores these questions and allows you to create meaningful, rewarding life patterns you control.

Blocks of LifeVolume 1: Blocks of Life

The desire to lead a fulfilling, happy life is a universal human trait—just consider the many self-help books promising to reveal the one “true secret” of happiness and success, based on the author’s personal experience.

Such books miss a vitally important point: what brings one person fulfillment may bring another person stress. Each person takes a different route to a meaningful life—there is no single path.

Blocks of Life accepts this truth and builds on it. Every life is made up from a set of building blocks—family, love, financial security, hobbies, passions, and career. Some people identify with a single block, whether it be work, family, or personal interests. Most have a group of blocks that make up the most important aspects of their life.

Discover which blocks of life are most important to you, and take active control of your own life. Experimenting with different life blocks and their relationship to each other allows you to create meaningful, rewarding life patterns you control.

Become the architect of your own life. Start building with life blocks. Because good lives don’t just happen. They’re built block by block.